Working Papers in Health Care Access for Linguistic Minorities,
Issue 1


Norman Segalowitz, Andrew Ryder & André Costopoulos

Antonia Maioni
Laurence Kirmayer

I. Realities and Myths of Linguistic Barriers in Health Care
    Nathalie Auger
    Richard Y. Bourhis
    Eric Jarvis

II. Cultural Dimensions of Linguistic Barriers in Health Care
    Anne Leis
    Joanne Pocock

III. Overcoming Barriers between Researchers, Practitioners and Community
    Estelle Chamoux
    Jennifer Johnson
    Gwerfyl Roberts

Development of an Online Multi-Module Elective Telehealth Course for Nurses
Antonia Arnaert

Socioeconomic inequality in life expectancy of Anglophones in Montreal
Nathalie Auger

Area deprivation and Francophone-Anglophone Disparities in Fetal Growth, Montreal
Nathalie Auger

Modelling Health-Care Giver/Patient Task-Specific Dialogues: Phase III
Henrietta Cedergren, Victoria Surtees, Elizabeth Gatbonton & Eric Mikael

The Creation of the Bilingual Second Language Training Corpora (BL2TC)
Leif French & Stephanie Lapointe

The Development and Retention of Health Professionals in Aboriginal Communities through Information and Communication Technologies
Marie-Pierre Gagnon

Developing & Testing Task-Based Modules for L2 learning of Francophone Nurses
Elizabeth Gatbonton, Leif French & Ioana Nicolae

Assessing Language Barriers to Mental Health Services in a Multi-Ethnic Patient Population
G. Eric Jarvis, Rana Ahmed, Andrew G. Ryder & Laurence J. Kirmayer

Online Self-assessment Tool for Nurses Learning ESL in Quebec
Michel D. Laurier, Beverly A. Baker, Maria-Lourdes Lira Gonzales & Carolyn E. Turner

Supporting Community Literacy for Improved Health and Literacy Outcomes in Urban and Rural Quebec
Robert Savage & Victoria Chen

Assessing and Overcoming Second Language Semantic Barriers in Health Professionals
Yue Zhao1, Norman Segalowitz & Catherine Ouellet-Courtois
Andrew Ryder1 & Esther Yakobov1

Assessing Second Language (L2) Productive Vocabulary in Health Professionals
Joy Williams, Norman Segalowitz & Tatsiana Leclair